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Registration Process

1. Click “registration” on top left of the homepage as shown in the red box below. Then enter the registration page.

2. There are three registration methods (registration by mobile, email or account) available on the registration page. Users may fill in the mobile number (or email address or login account), password and other information, and then agree with WEBUY Service Agreement. Users then click “Submit” to move to next step.

3. “Registration success” will pop up on clicking “Register now” and users will be ordinary members.

4. If users would like to take part in the transactions, they would be required to move to “Account center”, and then choose to add the company or create new company account on the “Company information” page.

(1) If choose to add the company, the user should contact WEBUY to receive the invitation code. The application will be approved after filling in the invitation code. 

(2) If choose to create new company account, the user should upload certified materials of the company, and complete the company information. The user will be a full member after being approved.