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Legal Notices

Notes: Please real following terms and conditions before use of this website; by using this website, it means you have been noticed of and well agree to these terms and conditions.


I.  Ownership of website

This website is owned, managed and maintained by Webuy. Webuy claims to rights of domain name, copyright, trademark right, patent  and  all other rights related to website contents, as well as ownership of other properties.

1.       Copyright

The all copyrights and intellectual properties of all characters, images, sound, software and other materials in this website exclusively belong to Webuy or approved relevant owners. Without prior approval by Webuy or relevant oblige, any users shall not copy, distribute, spread, modify, edit these contents, or shall not directly or indirectly issue and play these contents, and use these contents for any commercial purposes. If any website contents have no right claims, it does not means that Webuy is not entitled to the right, and also does not mean Webuy gives up claiming the rights; however, the legal rights of these contents shall be respected upon principle of good faith for legal service. Webuy is entitled to the complete copyright in HTML used to make user’s own webpage, and any enterprises and individuals shall not arbitrarily copy and use it.

2.       Trademark right

This website and trademark, service trademark and identification used or displayed in relevant link website (hereinafter together referred to as “trademark”) are the related trademarks registered or unregistered by Webuy and other obliges. For the trademark of Webuy, Webuy is entitled to the ownership.  Without written permission, any enterprises and individuals shall not copy and use above-mentioned trademarks.

II. Site usage terms and conditions

Under the premise of observing terms and conditions for usage of Webuy transaction mall, Webuy grants users with limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable and uncommercial usage rights only for personal use about this website. In any case, this site contents and services (including but not limited to user name and other identity information acquired by users) are only allowed for usage by users themselves, but shall not be sold or transferred. Webuy reserves all rights that are not particularly granted by the usage terms and conditions. Users have to follow the principles below in the process of using this site:

1. All applicable laws and regulations, and all relevant agreements, stipulations and procedures shall be followed;

2. Users shall not engage in any illegal criminal activities with this site, including dividing country, instigating others to commit a crime, violation of computer security system, interfering or disordering web service and any other behaviors that may endanger national security or damage public interests;

3. Users shall not violate the patent right, copyright, trademark right and other intellectual property, right reputation or any other legal rights of Webuy or affiliated enterprise or any other third parties; or shall not engage in damaging benefits of Webuy, or any behaviors that may be unfavorable to Webuy.

4. Unless users have followed other stipulations of the usage terms and conditions, or have acquired prior permission by Webuy, users shall not engage in following behaviors for any purposes:

        Download, copy, display, distribute, spread, upload, publish, issue any contents of this site;

        Transfer, resell, rent any contents or services of this site.

        Amend, edit, or deduce any contents of this site in other ways.

5.For any violations of above regulations while using this site, Webuy is entitled to decide by itself to require users to correct or take any necessary measures (including but not limited to deleting the contents uploaded by users, suspending or terminating the right of using this site) to reduce the influence by misfeasance of users.

III. Site usage for downloaded software

If you download software from this site, you shall abide by all license terms in the software license agreement attached to this software. Before you read and accept all terms and conditions of this software license agreement, you shall not download or install this software. If any applicable license clauses or agreements include the regulations of forbidding copying or redistributing the software, you have to comply with them.

IV. Web links

Web contents may include those links with other sites. Please note that these external links are only for convenience of users, which does not mean that Webuy manages or participates in managing these sites, and also does not mean that users are granted to access to or use these sites. Users shall visit these sites with their own responsibilities (including but not limited to complying with the terms for usage of these sites) and expenses, and Webuy will not be responsible for the contents and behaviors of these sites.

V. Limitation of liability

Webuy or any third party mentioned in this site will not be responsible for liabilities (including but not limited to the damages from profit losses, data losses, indirect losses, incidental losses or business interruption for any reasons), despite these damages are caused by results that this site is used or cannot be used, or those information included in any sites linked to this site; despite whether they have any guarantees, contracts, infringement acts and any other legal basis, and any counsels received in advance that these damages may happen. If equipments or data need maintaining, repairing or correcting from this site information usage, users shall undertake all costs caused by this by themselves.

Webuy reserves the rights of amending, increasing or decreasing, suspending, interrupting or terminating services of this site at any time without informing this of udders in advance; Webuy has no need to undertake any liabilities in execution of above various rights. The server of this site has to be out of service tentatively for system maintenance or upgrade, Webuy will try to give advance announcement. If services shall be suspended for system maintenance and upgrade, or services have to be stopped by server breakdown, hardware failure and other force majeure factors, for all inconveniences, materials and data loss caused in service suspension period, our site will try our best to rescue and recover them; if indeed they cannot be recovered any more, our site will not assume any liabilities.

Webuy will not assume any liabilities that may be generated by any information provided by users, including but not limited to any liabilities from the case that other users use those information provided by certain users without authorization, or the liabilities from the contents including mistakes, inaccuracy, virus, defamation, violation of copyright and privacy act, or any other contents prohibited by laws. Besides, Webuy will not assume any liabilities for loss, deleting, removal or transfer failure of information provided by users, while users shall reserve and back up those information by themselves. Webuy reserves the right of deleting or removing those information provided by any users without any advance notification, and will not assume any liabilities for this.

For any legal acts between users and third party this site or external links, including but not limited to transactions with third party, users and third party shall assume all liabilities by themselves, and Webuy will not assume any liabilities. Users hereby acknowledge and accept that for any direct or indirect losses when using this site, including but not limited to any damages, liabilities, requests, losses or expenses generated from delay, inaccuracy, mistake and omission of site contents or services, Webuy and affiliated enterprises will not assume any liabilities.

VI. Any disputes form this statement or the site usages are applicable to laws of the People's Republic of China. The usage terms and conditions and any additional provisions published within this site constitute a complete agreement about this site usage between Webuy and users.


VII. Any disputes form this statement or the site usages shall be solved by negotiation; if any disputes cannot be negotiated, any party can institute legal proceedings towards court with jurisdiction in Shanghai.


Interpretation of this statement and interpretation of this site usage shall vest in Webuy.