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Entering Instruction

I. Obligations of dealer

Dealers have the obligations of becoming the dealers of spot trading platform of Webuy transaction mall to guarantee the authenticity the price of released products and other information, and communicating with platform administrators in time to guarantee supplement of relevant information.

II. Application flow of dealer

2.1 Dealer join

Dealer enterprise must provide relevant supporting documents about enterprise qualification for our platform, such as business registration certificate, business license and other relevant documents, and can only become the dealer of our platform after our audit.

2.2 After audit and approval of dealer information, our staff will contact with you to confirm the matters of cooperation details; if all user information is correct, our staff will send you a contract document.

2.3 Contract/qualifications sending back   After dealer receives the contract document, you should confirm the contract details and sign and seal it, and then send them back the papery qualification documents (all documents shall be stamped by common seal, and contents shall be kept clear and distinguishable). When we receive the materials you send, our staff will review them as soon as possible, and then open the ID of dealer in our platform.

III. Qualifications confirmation of dealer in Webuy transaction platform

3.1To apply to become a dealer member in our platform, you should submit relevant authentic materials of enterprise, and can acquire the formal member qualification after signing the cooperation agreement. Applicant shall assume all legal liabilities towards the authenticity, veracity and legality of all documents.

3.2 Following conditions shall be provided to apply to become a dealer member of this platform:

Enterprise registered by government of registration place, working on selling and consumption activities of those products operated in this platform;

Enterprise can promise to follow the transaction rules of this agreement (this platform), follow transaction credit and other provisions in this platform.

3.3 Rights and obligations for members of this platform:

Following varies items of stipulations and requirements in this platform, and accepting supervision and management by this platform and relevant government department for good faith operation according to law;

Strictly protecting member information, and taking full responsibility of the consequences from user name and password leak by their own problems;

Submitting copy of business license or business registration certificate after qualified annual inspection to this platform for record;

Informing this platform of any significant alterations within membership period in time;

Paying various items of expenses by rule;

Other obligations to be executed pursuant to laws

3.4 The dealer membership in this platform shall not be transferred privately. If the dealer member will not continue to participate in transaction in this platform, the dealer should handle cancel procedure for dealer member, and shall assume all liabilities for behaviors in this platform before cancel.